Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine 


The AWS UTWCM provides an efficient means of calibrating and testing manually operated torque wrenches to ISO 6789:2017 or company specific standards and specifications.

Shared Features

  • Designed to calibrate/test wrenches up to either 500Nm, 1,500Nm or 3,000Nm and equivalents.
  • All versions of the UTWCM apply the force to the tool by stepper motor and load screw, an AWS microcontroller and AWS proprietary firmware.
  • The automated UTWCM uses AWS Intelligent Inline Torque Transducers (IITT's) and a Professional Transducer Display (PTD) to provide feedback to the microcontroller.
  • Hand controls for fast movement or jog facilitate quick setting up of individual wrenches in the machine.
  • Four different speed settings for different ranges of tools. The microcontroller also ensures the adherence to the minimum target torque approach times, complying to ISO 6789:2017, for the capacity of wrench being calibrated.
  • Multiple or single transducer cassette variations for different transducer manufacturers are available or built to suit customer requirements.
  • To accommodate wrenches with fixed heads the transducer mounts in our carriages can be rotated 360° in steps of 30°.
  • Used in collaboration with the AWS/ADMS Kepler 4 software for torque wrenches speeds up completion of the calibration or certification process to ISO 6789:2017.
  • An optional Transducer Switch Box keeps AWS IITTs powered up continually, allowing quick changeover between transducers, removing the need for thermal stability time.

Automated Features

  • A customer's existing transducers can be converted into IITTs using AWS's Intelligent Instrumented Transducer Cables. Each cable has an inline module converting the analogue output of the transducer into a digital torque signal for display on the PTD.
  • When an AWS IITT is connected, it automatically programs the AWS PTD to the correct range.
  • When operating the AWS PTD in First Peak mode for click wrenches, the machine will run a complete operation automatically.

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