Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine 


The AWS UTWCM provides an efficient means of calibrating and testing manually operated torque wrenches to ISO 6789:2017 or company specific standards and specifications.

Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine with large torque wrench

Return on Investment in just 9 Months*

Using the AWS Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine, your torque wrench calibrations can be up to 33% quicker than manual methods, meaning payback can be as short as just 9 months with faster throughput of torque wrenches*.

*Based on approximate cost of UTWCM, 6 calibrations per day, £35/hour hourly rate

33% Faster Than Manual Methods

Typical torque wrench calibration time for the torque wrench calibrator to ISO 6789:2017 is only 60 minutes, 33% faster than manual methods.

Professional Transducer Display

Torque Transducer with UTWCM

Simple and Easy to Use

AWS staff can guide you through the setup process, as well as first time use to ensure you can get up and running quickly. Prompt cards are also provided with the machine to aid technicians.

Reduce Parasitic Forces

Parasitic forces acting on the wrench during calibration are greatly reduced by the method of mounting the torque wrench.

Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine

Kepler 4 Readings Screen

Collaboration with Kepler 4

Using the UTWCM in collaboration with the AWS/ADMS Kepler 4 software speeds up the calibration process, and eliminates data entry errors when connected via RS232.

Multiple Safety Features

Multiple safety features ensure that the torque calibrator, transducers and torque wrench are not overloaded in operation or over driven due to a wrench fault.

Intelligent Inline Torque Transducers with the UTWCM

Universal Torque Wrench Calibration Machine handheld

Reduced Operator Effort

The UTWCM runs automatically at the press of a button, thus removing the need for operators to apply high application forces to the handle of large torque wrenches.

Accurate Controls

The inbuilt microcontroller allows for accurate control of force applied and operation speeds.

UTWCM Handheld

UTWCM Torque Units

5 Different Torque Units

5 easily selectable torque units, allowing you to view and record your torque readings in Nm, Lbf.Ft, cNm, Lbf.In and

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