Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Universal Torque Screwdriver Calibration Machine

Photo above shows UTSCM with AWS Intelligent Inline Torque Transducer.

UTSCM Control Box with integrated Professional Transducer Display and Handheld Controller

The all new AWS Universal Torque Screwdriver Calibration Machine (UTSCM) is currently in the final stages of testing.

The UTSCM for compliance to ISO 6789:2017 provides an efficient means of calibrating and testing manually operated torque screwdrivers to international or company specific standards and specifications.  

The UTSCM applies the torque to the tool via a belt drive connected to a stepper motor and an AWS microcontroller. The larger belt pulley holds an adaptor designed to fit a specific model of screwdriver to minimise the uncertainty of adaptor alignment and ensure the screwdriver is within ± 2° of vertical. The UTSCM can be used with our new ADMS Kepler 4 software to speed up completion of the calibration & certification process to ISO 6789:2017, ISO 6789:2003 or type approval for manufacturers.

The UTSCM uses AWS Intelligent Inline Torque Transducers (IITT’s) and a Professional Transducer Display built into the microcontroller to automatically detect a peak signal. This will capture the reading and then run on to zero, greatly speeding up the calibration and certification process.

UTSCM with AWS Intellgent Inline Torque Transducer installed.


  • Designed to calibrate/test screwdrivers up to 30 Nm.
  • Inbuilt microcontroller and display for accurate control of load applied and operation speed. The microcontroller also ensures the adherence to the minimum target torque approach times, complying with the ISO standard, for the capacity of screwdriver being calibrated.
  • Interchangeable adaptors each designed to accurately fit a model of torque screwdriver to minimise the uncertainty of adaptor alignment and ensure the screwdriver is within ± 2° of vertical.
  • Height adjustable transducer carriage taking into account all torque screwdriver lengths.
  • Used in collaboration with the AWS/ADMS Kepler 4 software for torque screwdrivers speeds up completion of the calibration or certification process to ISO 6789:2017.
  • Hand controls for fast movement or jog facilitate quick setting up of individual screwdrivers.
  • Safety features ensure that the machine, transducers and screwdriver are not overloaded in operation or over driven due to a fault.
  • 3/8”- 1/4” female square drive compatible with a range of torque transducers.
  • An optional Transducer Switch Box keeps AWS IITTs powered up continually, allowing quick changeover between transducers.
  • A Customer’s existing transducers can be converted into IITTs using AWS’s Intelligent Instrumented Transducer Cables. Each cable has an inline module converting the analogue output of the transducer into a digital torque signal for display on the PTD.
  • 70mm X 52mm Bright, Full Colour, Sunlight Readable LCD Display built into the microcontroller.
  • When an AWS IITT is connected, it automatically programs the display to the correct transducer range.
  • Mode, Unit, Limit Selection and Setting Graphics via Soft Keys.
  • 6 Digit active reading on display.
  • Accuracy better than 1% of reading from 4% to 100% full scale deflection (FSD) when used with AWS Intelligent Torque Transducers.  




Dimensions and weights:

  • Approximately 31cm L by 45cm W by 45cm H.
  • UTSCM Weight: 16.5kg with an AWS IITT Transducer
  • Control Box Weight: 5kg