Torque Measurement, Control and Calibration

Universal Torque Calibration Machine (UTCM)

The Universal Torque Calibration Machine is designed to provide a compact, efficient way to calibrate torque measuring devices to BS EN 7882:2017, BS EN 7996:2018 or international standards without the need for beams and weights.

Base Universal Torque Calibration Machine

Eliminate Operator Fatigue

The UTCM uses a high ratio anti backlash gearbox and stepper motor drive to apply and hold up to 2kNm torque. This is controlled by a pushbutton pendant controller, removing the need for the operator to apply weights altogether.

Faster Calibration Times

Due to the automated operation of the Universal Torque Calibration Machine, calibration times are significantly faster than using a beam and weights method.

Faster torque transducer calibations

AWS Precision Torque Adapters

Minimisation of Uncertainties

Use with AWS Precision Torque Adapters, each designed to accurately fit the model of torque testing device to minimise the uncertainty of adapter alignment.

Covers a Wide Range of Devices

Additional alternative bed position for additional vertical height adjustment, covering the wide range of torque measuring devices available.

Torque Tester being calibrated

Base model of Universal Torque Calibration Machine

Precise Operation

Jog function to precisely apply small increments of torque.

High Accuracy, Low Uncertianty

The UTCM uses two AWS Master Transducers (2000Nm and 100Nm) with very high accuracy, stability and low uncertainty. The master transducers output to an extremely accurate 7.5 digit computing digital voltmeter to display the applied torque and to attain the required uncertainty of measurement (Certificate of conformity provided). Picture on the right shows the voltmeter and power supply used with the Universal Torque Calibration Machine.

Voltmeter and Power Supply for AWS UTCM

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